Welcome to Sara’s Magical World

 Once upon a time a little girl wanted to be the main character in a fairy tale and live in a surreal world. 

Home town in Italy

Sara Scodeller was born in a small medieval town in the north-west of Italy.       

As a child, she loved to draw and escape from her ‘hum drum’ reality through her IMAGINARY and MAGIC WORLD of princesses, magic cupcakes and flowers, cheeky fairies, goblins, and little animals.

Any time and any place was perfect to give life to her magic creatures – the school table during class, a piece of paper or cardboard, a wall, a window.

 Influenced by her imagination and by the beauty of Italian art, sculptures and culture, Sara decided to study Graphic Design and Photography at Liceo d’Arte Galvani, in Cordenons, Pordenone.


 In 1998 she moved to Milan to study Fine Art at the  Accademia di Belle Arti, Milano, Brera. She was lucky to have as her professor, Luciano Fabro, Italian sculptor and conceptual artist and writer. One of the founders of the Arte Povera Movement, Sara always remembers him as a great artist and very inspirational man. Life in Milan was her first experience in a big city and she deeply loved it.


 After graduating from the academy, Sara returned to her small native town and worked as a Graphic Designer for a local Graphic Studio. Life was good but she yearned for bigger challenges that allowed her to explore her creativity.

In 2005 Sara moved to London to attend a four month English course, fell in love with the city and lived there for 10 years.

She studied Visual Merchandiser and Children’s Book Illustration at St Martins, School of Art And Design. To get by, she worked as a Visual for Rococo Chocolates where she discovered the fascinating world of chocolate. Sara started to appreciate high quality products and creative design but also she wanted to know more about the processes and origins of what is called the

Fruit of the Gods.

So, in 2014, Sara attended a voluntary three week internship at The Grenada Chocolate Company in Grenada, West Indies. She was captivated by the Spice Island, so much so that in 2015 Sara left London and moved to Grenada for a one year working project.

Here, she was responsible for the planning, coordination, decor and construction of The House of Chocolate: the  first Chocolate Museum-Cafe-Retail, in the capital Saint George’s.

 Inspired by the natural elements and the vibrant Caribbean colours, Sara started painting her creative version of the cocoa pods, as a celebration of the life and death of the exotic fruit that she loves eating – especially rough – and that gives life to something so amazing as chocolate. Influenced by the unusual views, she also painted scenes connected with the life of the island such as local and unusual fruits and the boats in the harbour.

Sara also worked as a volunteer for the local Library Mt Zion as an Art and Craft teacher for the Saturday children’s class,.

at the National Museum as an interior designer.

She is the illustrator for The Grenada Chocolate Family Book, a children’s chocolate fairytale written by Grenadian children, in collaboration with a local writer Oonya Kempadoo and published in May 2016.

Sara with BookSara continues to create wonderful things and is always letting her imagination get the better of her.

She will always be an Art, Fashion, Visual and Children’s Book illustration lover but most of all she defines herself as a Dreamer, a Chocoholic, a very naive creature, a free spirit and perhaps even a bit of a gypsy.